Candidate engagement platform for modern HR teams

Shared inbox, voice and sales automation for recruiting teams

Trusted by 100s of companies including

Find new hires

Create outbound multi-channel sequences targeting candidates for open positions, or funnel job applicants from website submissions into automated sequences that’ll push them further down your funnel

Re-engage dormant candidates

Create rules to re-engage dormant candidates in your CRM at contract end dates, or when relevant opportunities become available

Collaborate on everything

From emails, to SMS or calls, collaborate with teammates on inbound messages from prospective and staffed candidates, automatically route these requests to the appropriate person on your team without missing a beat

Personalized communication at scale

From new applicant engagement, interview scheduling, or placement notifications, automate your outreach via email, SMS or voice, so your recruiters can spend their time building stronger relationships

Faster scheduling

With a 98% read rate and an average response rate of 40%, our built-in SMS campaign allows your team to schedule hundreds of candidate interviews at a fraction of the time, and reduce no-shows by 25% with automated reminders

Increase placements by 30%

Re-engage candidates in your pipeline with useful career related content on a cadence; including matching jobs based on saved attributes. This allows your team to nurture these relationships and increase placements predictably

Help new placements succeed

Create workflows that automate on-boarding messages via email or SMS to new hires on their first day of deployment so they can get started on the right foot

Improve your redeployment rate by 25%

Use automated text messages and emails to re-engage contractors towards the end of their existing contracts; create reassignment tasks for the recruiters on your team to help them keep these contractors top of mind and match them with new assignments as quickly as possible

No missed opportunities

Missed messages and calls from prospective candidates result in lost revenue for your firm or clients. With our customer-centric inbox, your team gets a single view of each candidate’s interaction with your business across channels and teams, including website activities organized in a chronological timeline. Use SLAs to enforce faster response times on your team so critical messages don’t go unanswered

Go beyond 1-to-1 candidate engagement

Distrobird’s automated sequences means you can reach one or a million candidates via email or SMS, and triage campaign responses to the right recruiters on your team without breaking a sweat. Reach your target audience at scale

All the features you need to stay on top of candidate engagement & recruitment activities

Smart A/B testing

Inbound call center software

Outbound dialer


Task management

Rules & automation

CRM & Inbox bi-directional sync

Team member activity tracking

Automated tagging

Custom variables

Analytics & reporting

Personalized multi-channel sequences (Email, SMS, voice)

Inbound lead capture & application form tracking

Shared inbox for recruiting@, inquiries@ jobs@

You’ll be in good company
Calling Distrobird an all-in-one tool is an oversimplification of the value it delivers. All the workflows we need to acquire and support our SMB users across all channels are deeply integrated. I couldn’t be happier with our choice.

Jody Schnarr

CEO of Fibernetics

The #1 reason why we chose Distrobird is because it provides all the building blocks we need to engage our customers in a unified way — From email, texting, telephony and collaboration. This is probably the last tool you’ll buy for lead and customer outreach.

Laurel Palmer

Director, College Fund, Kalamazoo College

Stitching together a bunch of integrations and add-ons across multiple vendors is not my idea of productivity or efficiency. Thats why we chose Distrobird — each module is as full featured as any standalone competition.

Paul Marai

VP Digital Marketing

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