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Total spend: $990

$108,000 in new revenue

This equals 109x return on investment (ROI), with 18 new opportunities per sales rep per month

Do you offer a free plan?

Yes, Distrobird offers a free tier, no credit card required, but why stop there? With our free plan you have access to Distrobird, but only in a limited capacity.

Can I import an unlimited number of contacts?

Yes, you can add as many contacts as you want to your Distrobird dashboard. How great is that!

Any long-term commitments or contracts?

We don't offer any long-term contracts or commitments. You can choose to be billed for our plans monthly or annually.

I only want to use a certain product. Can I subscribe for it separately?

Yes! Each product is highly independent and you could get away with buying them separately, but they are also highly complementary. Their value can be greatly increased by combining them in versatile ways.

How does Distrobird charge for SMS and calls?

Users are charged for inbound and outbound SMS and calls. Calls are charged per minute while SMS charges are applied per message. You must have enough credit in your Distrobird balance to use the SMS and voice features.

Can I change or cancel my plan at any time?

Absolutely! You can cancel or change your plan at anytime. When you cancel, there are no refunds for unused periods of service. If you’re canceling or downgrading your plan whatever unused balance is left on your current plan will be transferred to your Distrobird credit balance.

Can I purchase international phone numbers on Distrobird?

Yes, Distrobird offers a variety of international phone numbers for you to purchase and expand your international presence.

Can I use short-codes in Distrobird?

Yes, you absolutely can. You can apply to use short-codes on your Distrobird dashboard, fill out the form to get it approved (link).

Can I use Distrobird on my phone when I’m away from my desk?

Not yet, we’re currently developing our mobile app.

You’ll be in good company
Calling Distrobird an all-in-one tool is an oversimplification of the value it delivers. All the workflows we need to acquire and support our SMB users across all channels are deeply integrated. I couldn’t be happier with our choice.

Jody Schnarr

CEO of Fibernetics

The #1 reason why we chose Distrobird is because it provides all the building blocks we need to engage our customers in a unified way — From email, texting, telephony and collaboration. This is probably the last tool you’ll buy for lead and customer outreach.

Laurel Palmer

Director, College Fund, Kalamazoo College

Stitching together a bunch of integrations and add-ons across multiple vendors is not my idea of productivity or efficiency. Thats why we chose Distrobird — each module is as full featured as any standalone competition.

Paul Marai

VP Digital Marketing

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